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we have four different widgets over here so we want those over here so make this thing on footer background color this is the default background color again if you want to change this you can have seen the carousel this slider now let's see the category tab now first let's see ok this is the category tab you have different categories different tabs with category when we click on that for example when we click on electronics we see all the coupons all the offers all the deals related to electronics category very important again let's add this so to do so as I said you click on just click on these category tabs and let's add our first category tab so just click on add category tab and let's select clothing click on OK it is that simple URL so here you can add some more social links social icons if you want click on Save Changes it is already o rosegal discount codes
ver here so we don't have to refresh the page to see the changes because it is already given over here now let's see the next setting let's see over here so here in the demo episode you'll see we have popular stores and when we hover this we have a different color and different text okay for all these things so let's create this one now we have one two th rosegal coupon codes ree okay six at the top and six at the bottom I think we'll create only six because creating 12 of this will take a lot of time so we want to save some time because you know it is doing the same thing again and again okay to

https://www.findanydeals.com/store/rose ... omo-codes/
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